Thursday, December 7, 2023

Some Numbers For America's European Lapdo... I mean "Allies".

Nothing personal, guys, just business. And this is just the warmup. 

Стало известно, сколько ЕС переплатил за импорт газа из-за кризиса в отношениях с Россией. Меньше чем за два года европейцы потратили на газ 300 млрд евро, тогда как раньше они столько тратили за девять лет и за большие объемы. Главным бенефициаром стали США, которые заработали на этом 53 млрд евро. 304 млрд евро потратил Евросоюз на импорт газа с февраля 2022 года. Раньше он столько тратил за девять лет, а теперь всего за 20 месяцев. По сравнению с 2021 годом ЕС переплатил за газ за этот период целых 185 млрд евро. Это следует из расчетов РИА «Новости» по данным Евростата.

В 2022 году каждый месяц ЕС тратил на импорт газа 15,2 млрд евро. Это в 2,5 раза больше, чем он тратил в 2021 году – 5,9 млрд евро. Причем расходы европейцев выросли как на трубопроводный, так и на сжиженный природный газ (СПГ). В 2022 году трубопроводный газ обошелся в 7,5 млрд евро, СПГ – в 7,7 млрд евро. В 2021 году расходы были в разы меньше – 3,6 млрд евро на трубопроводный, 2,3 млрд евро – на СПГ.Таким образом, за 20 месяцев с февраля 2022 года переплата за газ составила 185 млрд евро, а всего на эти цели члены Евросоюза потратили 304 млрд евро. Раньше ЕС тратил такие суммы за несколько лет. В 186 млрд обошелся газ с апреля 2017 года по конец 2021-го, то есть почти за пять лет, а в 292 млрд – с 2013 по 2021 год, то есть за девять лет. 

Translation: It became known how much the EU overpaid for gas imports due to the crisis in relations with Russia. In less than two years, Europeans have spent 300 billion euros on gas, whereas previously they spent that much in nine years and for larger volumes. The main beneficiary was the United States, which earned 53 billion euros from this. The European Union has spent 304 billion euros on gas imports since February 2022. Previously, it spent so much in nine years, but now in just 20 months. Compared to 2021, the EU overpaid for gas during this period by as much as 185 billion euros. This follows from RIA Novosti calculations based on Eurostat data. In 2022, the EU spent 15.2 billion euros on gas imports every month. This is 2.5 times more than it spent in 2021 – 5.9 billion euros. Moreover, European costs have increased for both pipeline and liquefied natural gas (LNG). In 2022, pipeline gas cost 7.5 billion euros, LNG – 7.7 billion euros. In 2021, expenses were several times less - 3.6 billion euros for pipeline, 2.3 billion euros for LNG. Thus, over the 20 months since February 2022, the overpayment for gas amounted to 185 billion euros, and in total for these purposes members The European Union spent 304 billion euros. Previously, the EU spent such amounts over several years. Gas cost 186 billion from April 2017 to the end of 2021, that is, almost five years, and 292 billion from 2013 to 2021, that is, nine years.

Anyone expected anything else? Hey, "democracy" needs sacrifice and we all know what and who this sacrifice is. Europe, of course. And this is just the start of the "democratic" de-industrialization, wait when (very soon) real effects of it will start kicking in in earnest. They already started, but that just the warmup, when the shit hits the fan, boy, I don't want to be European. It is too late for Europe, anyway. Europe, of course, tries to buy Russian LNG, but that too is until the master allows it. Well, America needs to eat too, you know. Russia, meanwhile, is very happy with her Asian-Pacific customers. 

As per Biden's desire to fight Russia in 404, I can only quote Vladimir Putin:

Москва не раз подчеркивала, что не представляет угрозы ни для одной из стран Североатлантического альянса, но не оставит без внимания действия, потенциально опасные для ее интересов. При этом она остается открытой к диалогу, но на равноправной основе, а Запад должен отказаться от курса на милитаризацию Европы. Как отметил Владимир Путин, Россия не хочет прямого военного столкновения с НАТО, но если кто-то пожелает — Москва к этому готова.
Translation: Moscow has repeatedly emphasized that it does not pose a threat to any of the countries of the North Atlantic Alliance, but will not ignore actions that are potentially dangerous to its interests. At the same time, it remains open to dialogue, but on an equal basis, and the West must abandon its course towards the militarization of Europe. As Vladimir Putin noted, Russia does not want a direct military clash with NATO, but if someone wishes, Moscow is ready for this.
You see, that explains where all those massive reserves of Armed Forces of Russia are and what they are being readied for. Somebody has to explain to Lord Austin that no NATO force, US Army first and foremost, know how to operate and maneuver when the comms are jammed, headquarters and other C4 centers are under constant attack and when GPS is completely disabled on the theater. Putin is not bluffing.

In related news, another one bites the dust. Challengers are definitely having a very bad time in 404. Another one was confirmed burned beyond recognition, almost, and that is why the US wants its Abrams back. Man, that Chobham armor, legendary, right? 

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