Sunday, December 3, 2023

Sure, Sure;))

Hm, what do ya know. No shit. 

Useless, same shit has been drafted 5 years ago. Remember this?

Guess what? Things got even worse since then. But, it doesn't prevent them from declaring:

The document, dated Nov. 27, adds that “just as significantly, the traditional defense contractors in the [defense industrial base] would be challenged to respond to modern conflict at the velocity, scale, and flexibility necessary to meet the dynamic requirements of a major modern conflict.” It notes that America builds the best weapons in the world, but it can’t produce them quickly enough. “This mismatch presents a growing strategic risk as the United States confronts the imperatives of supporting active combat operations … while deterring the larger and more technically advanced pacing threat looming in the Indo-Pacific,” the study says. Speaking at the Reagan National Defense Forum, LaPlante said the strategy will be executed as a “partnership” with industry. For businesses to expand production capacity, they need DOD to be clear about its future purchasing needs for them to invest in new factories and R&D.

I know, I know, this is not a joke, it is a psyop designed to kill as many people in Russia's General Staff and SMO Command Corps from Homeric laughter, or disable them with hernias after they read this. I wonder when Abrams tanks (you know, those "best tanks in the world") will face off with Russians and their armor and VKS. About DoD "plans", with Mr. Austin and his stake in Raytheon, do not expect serious plans, they don't know how it works either in Raytheon or in Pentagon.

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