Friday, December 22, 2023

Again, And Again, And Again.

Never ending story--first some TG Channels by losers and military amateurs, many of who are also open or shadow SBU (GUR) assets, spin the story: Patriots shot down 3 Su-34s. OK. The news spreads and people, naturally and it is not their fault, begin to ask me if I heard something. I didn't, and guess what, after that I immediately go to SitReps by Russian MoD for today and find nothing. Here I REITERATE--the ONLY TG channels one can trust are TG of Russian MoD and a couple more owned by real professionals about who I know--one of such channels is often quoted on discussion boards, the rest is trash. 

Now, to illustrate--I show you example: my friend Colonel Vladimir Trukhan talks to Scott and at 4 minutes on explains the reality of VSU "devastating strike" on airfield around Rostov, whose actual impact was order of magnitude smaller than the BS Fighterbomber TG spread.

Now, you have to understand who Fighterbomber is--he is a coward who shits his pants at the possibility of disclosing his actual personality, he is also a dirty dealer in military porn and even has his own store. Evidently, what is known about him is that his name is Tumanov, he used to be captain and now he is manufacturing one lie after another. Including recent one about assassination of some Russian pilot by... SBU in Voronezh when, as it turned out, not only nobody was "assassinated" in Voronezh as the Government of Voronezh Oblast debunked the rumor, but such pilot... never existed in real life. 

And then again, watch how the Colonel of The Central Apparatus of Ministry of Defense simply wipes the floor with Fighterbomber BS. Again, until Russian MoD confirmed--nothing happened. If it really happened--they will tell.

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