Monday, December 11, 2023

A Peculiar Bit.

A very peculiar, I would say. 

MADRID, Dec 7 (Reuters) - Spain has discreetly expelled at least two U.S. Embassy staff accused of bribing Spanish intelligence officers for secrets, El Pais newspaper reported on Thursday, citing government sources. There was no immediate confirmation from either country but, asked about the case, Spain's Defence Minister Margarita Robles played down any impact on relations. She acknowledged a judicial inquiry was underway into "irregular conduct" at the CNI intelligence agency. "Spain and the United States are friends, allies and partners," she told reporters. "When there are issues that may affect us, they are discussed and dealt with, but in no way does that influence the relations we have." A U.S. official in Spain said U.S. Ambassador Julissa Reynoso would not comment. The embassy personnel, whom El Pais did not identify by name or post, were quietly withdrawn at Madrid's request after an investigation showed that two Spanish intelligence officers gave information for "a large sum".

My issue here is not that the US spies on her "friends. Everybody spies on everybody. The issue here is what could they possibly spy FOR in Spain? Possible transfers in FC Barcelona and Real Madrid? Not to diminish Spain, but there are very few spheres, other than political, which could attract intelligence collection interest for the United States. Industrial espionage? Spain plays some role in manufacturing and supply chain for Airbus, she has a very developed automotive industry. Of course, Spain has Navantia, a shipbuilding giant which builds things like Alvaro De Bazan frigates. 

But these are Spanish in hull only, the rest of it, from GE propulsion, to weapons to Aegis AD system with SPY-1D radar are all US made. That would be stupid for the US to spy on herself. So, the question remains--what the hell have they been spying on? I'll go out on a limb here and would state that this was a political espionage and buying the influence, because there are many things militarily which, after dismal performance of, say, Leopard tanks in 404, US may try to push for military contracts, not least trying to revive, as an example, all but dead US Main Battle Tank industry. Hey, at least there have been no Abrams tanks burned because they have been withdrawn from the battlefield. 

There are many juicy things one can squeeze from Europeans by the US military-industrial complex, which, in the end, was and is the goal of Washington--use SMO as a vehicle for enriching US military-industrial corporations. As for the actual needs of the US Armed Forces, the hell with them, as long as the gravy train runs. In related news:

Plus, rumor has it that VKS are now in the process of receiving a whole squadron (10 to 12 aircraft) of SU-57s, which will be completed by the end of this year. Well, this is just in case the US will decide to commit suicide by trying to attack Russia. Russia will be waiting.

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