Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Peskov's Statement...

 ... is not about 404. It is about sheer incompetence of the American military-political establishment. 

Translation: Peskov reminded that the Kiev regime promised the Americans “victory on the battlefield” for $100 billion, and now they understand that they were deceived - there is no victory on the battlefield. Moreover, the Ukrainian armed forces are rapidly and inevitably losing ground.

Only morons could believe in and plan this crap. I am on record ad nauseam--US military experience is simply inapplicable for something like SMO. American "strategists" cannot wrap their minds around the complexity, intensity and attrition rates in such combat operations. The clock-work is broken, it always was. And now, when the reality cannot be hidden anymore, someone will have to answer for those millions KIAs and maimed in 404 and war crimes committed by both VSU and their Western enablers, including Western media. 

Meanwhile in Poland. 

Yep, they learned absolutely nothing.

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