Friday, December 15, 2023

Chihuahua Weight Category.

I know he is butt-hurt and wants to pretend that he and what's left of his country matter, but they don't. Nobody is calling Elysee Palace from Russia. Well, Vovan and Lexus may, but that's about it.

French President Emmanuel Macron has said he is open to renewed dialogue with Russian President Vladimir Putin if it leads to “lasting peace” in Ukraine, responding after Putin blamed Paris for deteriorating relations. Addressing reporters after a meeting in Brussels on Friday, Macron claimed that Russia’s military operation in Ukraine had made discussions “virtually impossible,” but said he would again be willing to hold talks to bring an end to the conflict. “If President Putin has a willingness to engage in dialogue and serious proposals to move forward and emerge from the conflict and build a lasting peace, that is to say one that respects international law and therefore Ukrainian interests and sovereignty, I'll take the call,” Macron said, adding “I haven't changed my number.”

And he is correct, he didn't change his number--it was and remains Number 6 (or in Russian Shesterka), which was given to servants or errand boys. In the company of mastiffs this French chihuahua still tries to stay relevant. Russians openly laugh while Slovaks, namely vice-speaker of Slovak Parliament Lubosh Blaha noted:

В Европе могут произойти перемены после слов президента России Владимира Путина о генерале и экс-президенте Франции Шарле де Голле, заявил вице-спикер парламента Словакии Любош Блаха. Как указал Блаха, после похвалы генерала Путиным европейские либералы захотят запустить петицию о переименовании аэропорта имени де Голля в Париже, потому что в Европе любят запрещать все, что нравится российскому лидеру, передает Газета.Ru.Парламентарий отметил, что поддерживает мнение Путина о том, что только главы Венгрии и Словакии действуют в национальных интересах, а все остальные страны ЕС принимают решения себе во вред, потому что зависят от Соединенных Штатов.Ранее президент РФ Владимир Путин заявил, что европейские политики стараются выглядеть как генерал Шарль де Голль, боровшийся за интересы Франции, но ведут себя как коллаборационист маршал Филипп Петен.

Translate: Changes may occur in Europe after Russian President Vladimir Putin’s words about General and ex-President of France Charles de Gaulle, said Vice-Speaker of the Slovak Parliament Lubos Blaha. As Blaha pointed out, after Putin’s praise of the general, European liberals will want to launch a petition to rename the de Gaulle airport in Paris, because in Europe they like to ban everything that the Russian leader likes, Gazeta.Ru reports. The parliamentarian noted that he supports Putin’s opinion that that only the heads of Hungary and Slovakia act in national interests, and all other EU countries make decisions to their detriment, because they depend on the United States. Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that European politicians are trying to look like General Charles de Gaulle, who fought for the interests of France, but behave like a collaborator, Marshal Philippe Pétain. 

But in the end, France IS a collective Petain and that is why they will continue to elect globalist errand boys, who are the part of liquidation commission of France. I think Russians will continue to remember de Gaulle as a true French patriot and a courageous man. I think when Russia builds next major airport in one of Russia cities, she may consider giving it the name of Charles de Gaulle. After all, she also erected his monument across the entrance to a legendary VDNH in the plaza in a front of Cosmos Hotel.

France needs to start to elect monuments to Petain in industrial quantities--just a reminder of weight category.

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