Wednesday, December 27, 2023

The Spike In "Concerned Citizens".

As you already have noticed--a new wave of "concerned citizens" ran over discussion boards. These are primitive FUD bots who use beaten to death primitive instructions whose only purpose is to create an impression of some 404 "successes" which there are none. The fall of Mariinka and catastrophic losses of VSU are covered by one single trick invented by "warriors" in London and Washington. Yes, same "warriors" who wouldn't be able to fight their way out of a wet paper bag. Remember recent "three SU-34" shot down by VSU? Never happened. Not even a single one as the rumor had it initially. Now, Novocherkassk landing ship which soon will be 40 years old and was parked at Feodosia port for repairs. It was damaged. 

So, here we go again. For those who do not understand I repeat--NATO, namely US (less British) ISR assets know location of most Russian targets in SMO zone, including Crimea. The targeting in this case is an easy task. US provides geo-spatial data (in case of landing ship--exact geographic coordinates) and that's it. For those hysterical people who still call on shooting down US P-8 Poseidons, Global Hawks and satellites--get back on your meds and write to Pentagon asking them to stop being sissies and stop hiding behind mountains of corpses of VSU soldiers. Wait for what they will respond with, but I can tell you what they will REALLY think while writing BS response--US has neither resources nor capability to fight modern war, period. So, they hide behind 404 corpses. In conclusion, we don't know the extend of the damage to the ship, but it looks like it is afloat and MoD will report later on its status. In other words--a regular day with a lot of NATO PR, who lost the war. I'll be making video about that today.

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