Sunday, December 17, 2023

Tucker Nails It At Jimmy's Show.

The roots of German emasculation and cuckoldry are well defined by Tucker. That is why I am so sick of comments by Germans and other Euros: oh, we have no say over this, ah, our government doesn't do what we want--Fucking Bullshit, you voted for these governments and you wanted it, most of you anyway. Now that they all got to see where it all leads to the mood suddenly changes. Applies across the board in EU. At least here, in America, there are tens of millions armed to the teeth guys who already know what happened in 2020 and who runs the country (into the ground), and those guys are vocal and loud. American alternative media sphere, for many yahoos who populate it, is vibrant and fights back. Not in Germany. 

Tucker hits the nail on the head here. It is in many respects sexual.

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