Saturday, December 9, 2023

Nikki Doesn't Feel So Saucy Anymore...

... after she is told to her face what she is--a neocon shill. Look at this screenshot and her eyes--she is defeated. 

Here is the video: 

The issue is, what the fuck is wrong with people in South Carolina. I can understand a collection of perverts and creeps from Oregon--they drank water contaminated with drugs flushed down the toilets for generations, but what is this South Carolina's propensity for love of war criminals and neocons--a euphemism for war criminals? Is there something in the water in South Carolina? Give Vivek a credit where the credit is due--this psycho-bitch cannot accuse him of "racism", Vivek is Indian himself, and brilliant one at that. But then again, if not for imbecile Trump, this creature would have never been appointed to the position for which she is utterly unqualified.

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