Thursday, December 7, 2023

On A LIghter Note))

I think this report is now in wide circulation in Washington;)) 

On a more serious note: Russians openly state now (Alexei Leonkov) that this whole "counter-offensive" clusterfuck was specifically Mark Milley's concept and he supervised it. Mind you, this was Chairman of JCS--this is everything you need to know about the professional level of the US top brass. Pass the blank sheets of butt-hurt report around to be filled. That explains why Milley turned out to be a sanctimonious fool who dreamed about "cutting throats" of those Russians. Any Russian officer stating that he wants "to cut throats" of American servicemen would be NSSed (Inadequacy to Service State--the last warning before being dishonorably discharged). I guess you cannot buy class for sore losers.

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