Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Oh, What A Speech Larry Gave...

 ... in Moscow today (yesterday)! 

[The following is the written speech I presented today at gathering of patriots from different nations keen on saving the world from nuclear destruction. The topic that brought us together is, “multipolarity and the implications for the futures of Russia and the United States.” I will be interested in your reaction.]

In keeping with my status as an American, let me begin my remarks by complaining. to my hosts. How dare you bring me to such a beautiful, clean, safe city that is resplendent in light, vibrant with commerce and populated by cheerful, friendly souls? You have ruined New York City and San Francisco for me. I was accustomed to U.S. streets contaminated by human waste and sidewalks filled with homeless people. Many who are anesthetized with illegal narcotics. Finally, I must reluctantly raise a grievance with His Holiness, the esteemed Patriarch Kiril. How are we expected to talk about a world savaged by war and poverty after touring the Sretensky Monastry? An architectural jewel of such beauty and peace. We experienced the palpable presence of God. I must say, that is a tough act to follow.

Read the whole speech at Larry's Blog. What a speech by a true American patriot! 

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