Friday, December 29, 2023

Ah, The Butt-Hurt.

CNN begins to suspect something. Or rather the imbecile Tim Lister who has to face now his own ignorance. And he butt-hurts in a major way. 

There you go--Russian Way of War against "tactical and technological edge" of VSU. That just shows you that an average Anglo-American corporate "journo" is a cretin. But don't relax yet, here comes Bundeswehr, no less than general Christian Freuding (in Russian) explains that while... and here comes same shtick of "huge Russian losses", says that NATO underestimated Russian potential

Look at him. A real general, the problem with this moron is that he forgot to ask his relatives how they "underestimated" Soviet Union in 1941. But then again--what they teach in NATO military academies is how to beat third rate militaries, and even that they don't know how to do. Now they all crawl out of their holes to form a new narrative, because these generals wouldn't know how to fight their way out of wet paper bag  and the only thing they know how to do is PR. Now that they have been shown what real war is--they suffer from an acute case of professional jealousy and they cannot deal with it. So, they confabulate. It is sort of understandable, especially against the background of Russian Armed Forces, which as we all know ran out of missiles, are sending seasons greetings to Kiev regime. Many targets have been hit by those non-existing missiles.

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