Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Remember This?

If you don't, I'll remind you...

They also deployed the whole 5 to 10 tanks apiece for the whole three "panzer divisions". Yet, evidently this is not what is being taught to the cadets of the USMA at West Point or officers of US Army War College (including the Patton At Bay historic narrative), because this "great" general failed to fight through even these Wehrmacht troops, of sorts. But now, guess what, this is not a joke--I checked--this is what VSU "accepts" as its troops:

There you go. Can you imagine what is happening now in Russian internet after getting acquainted with these requirements (Pentagon will never wash itself off this--they played a crucial role in killing hundreds of thousand VSU personnel)? But then again, when one studies warfare through Hollywood and sycophants, what do you expect? Man, blind midgets with two feet and fingers missing with brain abscess--I am sure Russian General Staff is trembling with horror. No, they do--those people are top notch professionals with morality and honor running in families for generations, they cannot accept lowlifes war criminals as equal military professionals. You do not eat from the dumpster, when you can buy food from the grocery store, do you? This is why Ukraine War Crimes Tribunal is getting readied.  

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