Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Somebody Must Tell This Guy...

... to fucking fade into the posterity and stop embarrassing already embarrassed  US forces and country. 

The Ukrainian government needs to look at what Germany did in WWII to stand a chance against Russia, according to Ben Hodges, former commander of US Army forces stationed in Europe. Hodges, who retired as a lieutenant-general in 2017, has long been an outspoken supporter of Ukraine. In an interview with the Australian YouTuber Perun, published over the weekend, he repeatedly cited examples from the Second World War to argue that Kiev can defeat Moscow on the battlefield. “They are gonna have to increase production of ammunition and weapons in Ukraine,” Hodges said. “Some of these things are already happening, but it is possible when you are at war to increase production, even with Russian missiles raining down on your cities.” “I mean, think about what Germany did in 1944. Aircraft production for the Luftwaffe peaked in 1944. That's after more than two years of steady bombing by the Royal Air Force and the US Army Air Corps bombing the hell out of German cities. But yet German aircraft production increased. So I think Ukraine can do that with some improving efficiency. Some Western companies are already there helping,” he concluded.

You see, here is a classic example of a person (I spoke about him in one of my last videos) who drank the Kool Aid of military history as it is taught in the USMA at West Point and US Army War College, much of which, as we all know, is built around Wehrmacht's fairy tales and a-historical BS by Russian dissidents. Akin to a "million Red Army soldiers executed at the front"--a BS made up and promoted by Victor Astafiev at the end of his career because he wanted to get Nobel Prize for literature. Akin to the same idea of 2.5 million raped by the Red Army German women. For people who graduated Sandhurst, such as Anthony Beavor, where they don't teach mathematics above middle school level. That is why Beavor became a main perpetuator of this BS inveneted by a couple of German feminists who started this propaganda--difficult to explain the statistical impossibility to a person of the same intellectual level as Ben Hodges. Whatever remaining reputation of the US military which existed before has been completely destroyed by US generals who paraded themselves ignorant, uncultured and uneducated hacks.

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