Sunday, December 31, 2023

Happy? New Year.

I want to say happy, but it is not quite. Yet, what it surely is--another step in the right direction towards new world order. This time it has a much more positive connotation. In Russia:

Around a dozen Russian cities have canceled public New Year’s celebrations in the wake of a massive Ukrainian attack on the border city of Belgorod, their mayors announced on Sunday. Kiev launched a barrage of rockets targeting the city center of Belgorod on Saturday, in a strike that claimed the lives of 24 people, including four children, and left 108 injured. Holding festivities at this time would be “inappropriate,” Yury Grishin, the mayor of the Far-Eastern Russian city of Magadan, said in a Telegram post as he announced the cancelation of public celebrations. He also called on residents to refrain from setting off fireworks. The mayor of the Far-Eastern city of Blagoveshchensk, which borders China, issued a similar statement. “We’ve decided to cancel the holiday fireworks show planned for the evening,” Oleg Imameev said on Sunday, explaining that it would have been “out of place.” He added that there will be time to celebrate in the future, and called on people to spend New Year’s with their relatives and loved ones.

Targeting children is a fine tradition of regime in Kiev and its curators from Washington and London. Desperate PR tricks substitute military incompetence of Pentagon and "intel" which is nothing more than fairy tales. I should be making the video on that tomorrow--the incompetence is worse than we think. US education related to strategy and military art in any field is a fraud. As the United States State Department stated that "We have made it clear that we do not encourage or enable such attacks." (in Russian), nobody believes this BS anymore. Enough to take a look on Gaza. US establishment now drowns in own BS and lies and it is clear what it portends for the future of the US. 

But, it is a New Year.

And we should be hopeful and cautiously optimistic. All the best to you all in 2024. Use as open thread.

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