Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Nima And I Talk.

Enjoy if you will. 

Meanwhile, RT publishes yet another BS from the guy with journalism" degree. I'll quote just one phrase:

Sergey Poletaev, obviously, has no idea what trench warfare is. I guess military history for this Moscow State University graduate journo turned "military analyst" is not his forte. Especially when one considers the number of fire cauldrons the remnants of VSU have been lured in by Russian forces. Ah yes, even when you are attacking and reach your objective, the first thing you do after that--you, and you may gave guessed it, dig in. You trench around. And Russians have been advancing steadily along the whole front, with the exception of Kherson. Like today--strong advance at Bogdanovka, 1 kilometer advance in Novomikhailovka. Especially when you have kill ratio roughly 1 to 10 in your favor. Some trench warfare, I say.

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