Monday, December 18, 2023


 ... Christian Zionists or SBU trolls pop up and start questioning the insanity which Zionist "scholarship" is. Get a load of this:

LOL, "Some attaining the heights of Moscow culture during Soviet times". Well, I have news--dragging Christian Zionist to any of Russian Cathedrals is like spraying the holy water on devil. There are many Muslims who visit Christian Cathedrals, not these guys. 

Those are not normal people, but then again, how much of Christianity is left in the US? Yeah, I know, bat shit crazy morons who are uncultured but that is what modern Western "Christianity" is. The US today is basically an extension of Israel. The meaning of Katekhon is beyond the grasp of most of US "scholars". America is over. 
I know, it hurts me to say this...

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