Friday, December 29, 2023

About Russia As An Arc...

I wrote for years about it. Russia IS Western Civilization, because she transplanted the best of it to her soil, but still remains her own civilization. Yet, Germans, Dutch, Italians, Americans, Aussies suddenly find this call, recognizing that it is their civilization and they move. They will continue to move to Russia. Third Rome, turned out to be not a joke at all. But, then you have Japanese, especially ballet dancers. You do not have to be Bolshoi Prima. You can dance for excellent companies in Voronezh, Novosibirsk or Perm with her superb dancing school. 

Here is another adorable Japanese ballet dancer, Marishka)) It is in Russian but Marishka tours Russia and goes to... grocery stores, LOL)) 

I know, ballet dancers need to maintain diet but, boy, so many temptations, in this case in some average store in Kazan, LOL))) 

Remember, I once posted it--incomparable Komaki Kurihara in Moscow, My Love 1974 flick. 

A Hiroshima girl goes to dance for Bolshoi. Not a single dry eye in movie theaters in USSR... But, here we are in 2023.

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