Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Oh, Please.

I am getting tired of this BS. "Prized"? 

And what, may I ask, is so "prized" about this IRIS-T? Yet another NATO air-to-air missile with IR seeker which is stuck on the ground launcher and is plugged into radar which gets it to the terminal before seeker activates. Wow! Next thing you know they... ah, they did--they installed 1950s technology on this thing--active radar proximity fuse. Good God, those Germans! What's next, they will transfer to VSU U-boats with the instructional (great as it is) documentary Das Boot? 

Somebody tell those people from WarZone--modern NATO AD is not survivable on the modern battlefield in ANY configuration, because NONE of it is adequate for modern high density EW, modern air forces, super-sonic and hyper-sonic weapons used by highly advanced opponent's C4ISR. Two Patriots PAC3 learned about it the hard way, as did NASAMS and now this IRIS thingy. NATO DOESN'T have specific Air Defense military academies and War Colleges--USSR did and Russia does have them still. How about Yaroslavl Air Defense Military Academy? Five years, six days a week monstrous courses in the engineering and use of air defense systems, military science, tactics and operations, with a graduate degree of specialist-engineer. No Bachelor in Foreign Relations or Political "science" BS. Obviously, to get accepted to it, apart from exhausting physical and psychological testing, high levels of math, physics and language are required. But then again, S-400 or S-350 are not PAC3 let alone IRIS-T. Here is graduation in Yaroslavl.

Yes, your vision doesn't fail you--these are girls, young women, future or present girlfriends and wives of cadets and future graduates. Speaking of which, I mean Air Defense:

I rest my case, I know absolutely nothing about force readiness...

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