Saturday, June 24, 2023

Thank You...

 ... guys for providing even more evidence of why many went completely bananas in the West and inside Russia, if you know what I mean, wink, wink. 

Or this:
Yet another batch of the "best" tanks in the world having a bad day in Russia. So, make your own conclusions. Where are the Challengers Russian pilots of Ka-52s and Mi-28s are asking, as do Khrizantemas' crews and other people operating Kornet ATGMs or 152-mm Russian artillery operating Krasnopol munitions. And British government has no answers--they know how to kill defenseless civilians, how to do false flags, how to use chemical weapons, how to support child rapists and how to kill poor cats--that, they know how to do--fighting real war? Forget it, nobody in Sandhurst knows it. So, the news is--they keep Challengers in deep rear. Well, Perfidious Albion seems to be a correct definition. Churchill wanted to bomb Russians into the radioactive dust, you know--Operation Unthinkable.

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