Tuesday, June 20, 2023

And, As Was Expected...

 ... someone again brought delirium on nuclear threshold by Karaganov to the discussion board. So, in order for me not to explain time after time why Karaganov is a shyster and illiterate hack, and provocateur with strong Vlasolvite calling, here is my piece I wrote for VK a few days ago on the issue of Karaganov's calls to lower nuclear threshold. 

Когда Поехала Крыша. Андрей Мартьянов.

Translation: When the Roof Slides (A euphemism for going bananas).

I am getting a bit tired reacting to all kinds of empty suits from sinking Moscow pseudo-academic and pseudo-intellectual beau monde of good ol' boys and girls who have zero expertise in anything, e.g. Karaganov, Trenin, Valdai  boys et al, but who are featured prominently, including at RT and many media in Russia due to all those media personalities being same. So, use Google Translate to get the gist of it. I do not go around suggesting doctors how to treat me, nor do I suggest nuclear power plant's operators how to run reactors--I simply know the limits of my knowledge. Some fvcking self-proclaimed Putin's "adviser" hack with degree in "history" and who never saw serious weapon system in his life suggesting to rewrite Russia's Nuclear Doctrine--this is rich. What's next? Karaganov's "manifesto" on operations of strategic missile submarines?

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