Tuesday, June 27, 2023

And About Air Defense... Again.

And why I hate fvcking TG platform--if you are not the part of it, you cannot see the video. Having said this. Russian Navy reports, with video which I cannot access, that:  

Корвет «Резкий» в ходе заводских ходовых испытаний в Японском море сбил средствами ПВО противокорабельную крылатую ракету «Москит»

 ▫️ Корвет «Резкий» уничтожил крылатую ракету, выпущенную с надводного корабля условного противника.

▫️ Роль неприятельского корабля выполнял ракетный катер «Р-20», который с дистанции свыше 90 км выполнил пуск противокорабельной крылатой ракеты «Москит» в район нахождения корвета.

▫️ В свою очередь, военнослужащие радиотехнической боевой части «Резкого» своевременно обнаружили пуск ракеты-мишени и взяли её на сопровождение, после чего расчёт зенитного ракетного комплекса «Редут» уничтожил сверхзвуковую цель на безопасном для корабля расстоянии. Синхронно с ЗРК огонь по цели вела 100-мм артиллерийская установка «А-190».

Translation: Corvette "Rezky" during factory sea trials in the Sea of Japan shot down an anti-ship cruise missile "Moskit" by means of air defense ▫️ Corvette "Rezky" destroyed a cruise missile fired from a mock enemy surface ship. ▫️ The role of the enemy ship was played by the R-20 missile boat, which, from a distance of over 90 km, launched the Moskit anti-ship cruise missile in the area where the corvette was located. ▫️ In turn, the servicemen of the radio-technical combat unit "Rezkyi" timely detected the launch of the target missile and took it for escort, after which the crew of the "Redut" anti-aircraft missile system destroyed the supersonic target at a safe distance for the ship. Synchronously with the air defense system, a 100-mm A-190 artillery mount fired at the target.

Pay attention to what is underlined. For those who do not know what P-270 Moskit (SS-N-22 Sunburn) is I have you know that this shaitan weapon is still a huge menace capable of reaching M=3 and conducting a violent anti-air defense maneuvers at the terminal and thus being extremely difficult to shoot down. Not for corvettes with a very impressive Zaslon Radar Complex and Redut Air Defense missile complex. Here is Rezkyi:

And here is this Moskit:

It is still a very potent weapon despite being more than 30 years old. And, of course, Redut's ground version is known to you as S-350 Vityaz which is the only complex in the world which operates completely autonomously, without crew inputs, and detects, tracks and shoots down targets--it continues to do so in SMO. And here are some (fairly reliable) news re: first hull of pr. 20380 Stereguschiy.

Early 2024 the ship pulls into the repair and a complete overhaul which will see it with everything new, including Redut and 3C14 VLS with 3M22 Zircon and Otvet ASW missile being its main weapons. Well, do not forget new battle management system and other "delicacies" such as new radar and comms. The refit is planned to be completed in 2025. So, here is some military porn for ya.

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