Friday, June 23, 2023

So, Prigozhin Decided To Go For It.

Wagner took control of government buildings in Rostov-On-Don and Prigozhin himself materialized in the Staff of Southern Military District and demands now Shoigu and Gerasimov (in Russian). So, it is a Kornilov Mutiny, of sorts, and now a lot becomes clear about Prigozhin and Wagner. This is getting serious and those people from Wagner who participate in this are now official traitors. I also want to point out Ostashko's description of General Alexeev. 

7 Hours ago I quipped that he, likely, failed. The reason he failed is because he obviously didn't seriously psychologically profile Prigozhin, especially considering Prigozhin's outright criminal background as a thief and a robber, with two trips to prison for various violent crimes, and this is an extremely important indicator of character, which, as we saw today reared its ugly head of a sheer narcissist and, highly likely, asset. Whose asset, we are yet to learn. I guess Lieutenant General Alexeev has some splainin' to do. And the signs have been there all the time. I guess this was expected having a criminal (gopnik, really) heading some private army which obtained the access to heavy weaponry and now took command of a major Russian city of a key strategic importance and stabbed Russian Armed Forces in the back. This thing was planned by Prigozhin. This is a major failure of some people in MoD and especially among those who have been directly involved in Wagner's activity and contract's signing. In hindsight--this was coming. 

Update: Vladimir Putin will shortly address nation.

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