Friday, June 2, 2023

In The Eye Of The Beholder...

 ... or a very dangerous topic for Friday. After this:

The question, bypassing Jordan Peterson's reasonable psycho-biological explanations, is simple--these types of women are not just Karenesque mental, which they are, it is a deeper issue of being undesirable. This psycho knows it, she is driven by it despite having a family and kids. I deliberately omit here posting those photos. Her husband looks like... well... I also abstain here. 

Yes, she is extremely colorless and unattractive woman and not because she IS unattractive, which she is, but because she is not feminine and projects dominance compensating for what she will never get. Well, I call it a low fuckability index, but this is all tongue in cheek, because in the end even some physically attractive women can easily turn any non-consistent masturbators and alpha males off. Woman must have femininity, which does not necessarily equal physical beauty, and intellect first of all, the rest is negotiable. People of low cultural level, which are most of celebrities and creative class, do not know the difference, hence manipulation of ugliness as IN lack of any femininity into the standard of beauty.


Because third wave feminism is about failing to get the intimacy, as opposed to being fucked, sometimes in a humiliating way. Intimacy is a projection of the future of relations, being only sexually appealing is mostly about regret the next day, or month. This is how developed men find wives and real women find husbands--by avoiding this paradigm. Charlize Theron is a stunningly beautiful woman, she also projects a lot of things normal men will find disturbing and repulsing.  And only perverts like Sean Penn could have found an explicit whore like Madonna attractive. So, here it is--the Friday topic on a controversial subject, granted, that the beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 

I envy the young guy who will fall, or maybe already, in love with Gabriella, in her almost Giokonda's semi-smile and incredible inner beauty which manifests itself in musical and physical way so profoundly. As it happened with me almost forty years ago. 

BTW, never found Cindy Crawford attractive. Beautiful? Yes! Absolutely cold and repulsive, everything was on her face--easily read. But that's just me. 

It is Friday... go at it...

Somehow Panie Maryla Rodowitcz still makes so many Russian hearts tremble since 1977. 

That was in Sopot... 46 years ago...

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