Thursday, June 15, 2023

Since The Friday Is Coming...

 ... I want to remind people again, that before 2001: A Space Odyssey Russians (Soviets) have been doing it all a decade before. It is really amazing to watch a famous Soviet Sci-Fi from 1959 The Sky Beckons (Nebo Zovyet) and see how Francis Ford Coppola did a trick on it in 1962. Hollywood at that time was down right buying Soviet sci-fi movies which, definitely, had a much better visuals and plot than US B-movies in the same genre. 

I am not talking about Klushantsev's movies which influenced George Lucas and, in general, Hollywood sci-fi genre. But once in a while it is worth reminding that what Russians did in 1950s with space sci-fi was way ahead of its time. This is not Russian rah-rah, it is that when you see that and recognize that this is 1959...  In the end, one has to explain the appearance of Soviet pioneers in the closing sequence;))  

But that aside, one still cannot discount a magnificence of the Great Machine from the Forbidden Planet (later replicated somewhat in the Total Recall 1990). 

That's what I am talking about, not this modern BS which is down right boring and is written by children. Like this...

Above: Please, not Slytherin, not Slytherin. 

Below: Bobruisk Motor-Tractor vocational school.... 

Suck on this, loser;))

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