Friday, June 23, 2023


 ... just for the record--this guy wouldn't be allowed to command the platoon in Russian Armed Forces. I am talking about Petraeus, of course. I don't know if this guy has been to Russia in between his periods of screwing ugly women, but he should really see a psychiatrist because he lives in alternative universe. His visit to Moscow or Sr. Petersburg can create a serious cognitive dissonance, especially if he visits places of military history and significance.

The fact that this guy (a loser in military terms) "earned" his 4 stars and even ran CIA for a while is a testament to a complete collapse of meritocracy in the US and this is a deadly illness which doesn't have a fast cure. 

Now, about Prigozhin, I can only reference today's piece by my friend Marat Khairullin who explains why Prigozhin is hysterical--it is related to his political ambitions--and that appropriate people and orgs in Russia closely monitor situation and that Prigozhin's fate is largely sealed. He feels it, but being a cook and "businessman" he thinks that going full Girkin will help him--he is very very wrong. But this sense also explains his increasingly hysterical behavior.

In related news, today, June 23 (some sources say June 24), 1812 the invasion of Russia by Napoleon's Grande Armee has started. How appropriate. Napoleon, Hitler, NATO...   

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