Tuesday, June 6, 2023

First Proof...

 ... of Leopards burning. From Russian MoD, no less. 


Forestalling murky streams of BS from all kinds of "bloggers" and TSIPSO, Russian MoD specifically pointed out that this is from yesterday. 

В ведомстве уточнили, что в ролике запечатлен момент поражения именно танков Leopard. 

Translation: MoD pointed out that video captures the moment of destruction of namely Leopard tanks.  

The silhouette in the video is definitely that of Leopard. Now, guess from three times why VSU blew up the dam? The butcher bill for VSU's attempted "counter-offensive" is horrifying, not least its 3,750 VSU KIAs in less than 48 hours. Pentagon really needs to review its Field Manuals, because obviously those need to be updated for the combat against serious enemy, wink, wink.   

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