Saturday, June 24, 2023

As Was Expected...

 ... the dawning of reality is in progress for the criminal and his group of accomplices that the game is up. 

Wagner returns to its camps near Bakhmut and Soledar and the procedures of disarming and dismantling start from there. Naturally, all camps will be blocked by military. After that FSB and Investigative Committee will start work. Prigozhin, most likely, will try to escape to 404 where his contacts, both GUR and MI6, are but I doubt anyone will let him. Now, what was the last straw for Prigozhin? Simple--MoD refused to extend contract with Wagner. And as I stated not for once--the real history of Bakhmut is not what you read in shitty TG channels and most media. 

Now, people call me, and I just did 1.5 hour podcast with Vera, Marat and Vladimir, but it is on VK only, sadly. A lot have been said there, including about some, very few, people in MoD who will be forced to do some splainin'. Was there a plan on the part of 404 GUR and Bitidh? Yes, most likely, but they thought--they really did, that is how amateur they are--that "counteroffensive" will succeed and once the front line is breached, Wagner will start mutiny. Well, as you all know the "counteroffensive" turned into a slaughter of VSU and NATO personnel and equipment, and the noose around Wagner and Prigozhin started to tighten and that is what we've got.  In any case, the response of Russian society was unequivocal support of President and condemnation of traitors, who now will deal with severe consequences.

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