Friday, June 30, 2023

It Is Friday...

 ... and I am pouring myself a bourbon because we all are at the precipice of something we never saw coming in this volume (of course, not the readers of this blog, wink, wink). Russian (and foreign) girls singing Shaman's I am Russian at the IT corporate meeting in fvcking Yekaterinburg--the "hot seat" of pro-Western "liberals". So, this is a documentation of failure by US NGO "scholars" , because these "cool" cats from IT industry are also... Russian nationalists and they sing it on the 23 of February party--the Day of the Soviet/Russian Army and Navy. 

Or here it is:

Well, you may understand what I am talking about when Joseph repeats my phrase (not my only) that Russia today is what the US was supposed to become. 

Yep, it is not Moscow--it is "The fantasy version of America". That also explains why Prigozhin and those behind him failed miserably. Go at it.

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