Thursday, June 15, 2023

Elaboration On Macron And BRICS.

Again, why Macron and BRICS. It is an undisputed fact that Emmanuel Macron is a Rothschild's family messenger boy. Even WiKi gives the description of this family's activities on its London-Paris axis. 

This is a classic financial business about moving capitals, much of it being cash. As any hedge funds, Rothschild's funds have analysts--we will omit now their quality issues--who are tasked with assessment of threats and probabilistic analysis designed to preserve and grow the capital. Macron's asking for invitation to BRICS IS NOT an act of espionage or being a Trojan Horse, not at all, it is about trying to negotiate at the fringes of BRICS summit the fate of Rothschild's capitals. The trajectory of the combined West is now well pronounced and the growth of volatility and radical decline are already in progress. This is a bad-bad situation for capital. Money loves stability and calm. 

Evidently the truth of SMO started to trickle to those analysts and THE family and even unsophisticated observer can easily surmise now the scale of geopolitical change--it is unprecedented in modern history. It is also metaphysical--cash, even enormous amounts of it, means absolutely nothing if it does not rest on firm foundation of massive military and real economic power. We observe not just the end of the West's hegemony, a much more profound change is in progress--the death of financial capitalism and exposure of money as merely a tool, not the substance. Dedollarization proceeds at an incredible pace. Just today's example:

Finding the alternatives to the US dollar will take time but the global dominance of the greenback has "stifled" many countries and Africa needs to have its own currency, George Sebulela, president of the African United Business Confederation (AUBC), told RT on Wednesday. Sebulela said that African countries having their own currency would make trade easier with each other and even with other countries. "What the US has done with dollarization has really stifled many countries in one way or another," he said. "If you don't toe the line, you are under pressure because you have to utilize this currency," Sebulela said of the US dollar. He said the question for the African Union will be “how do we begin as a continent that is vast, that has so many big opportunities, to then have our own currency that can make our trade much more easy, even with other countries?” This is a discussion that is also taking place within the BRICS group, Sebulela said.

Just one of many, how about this: 

And how can you do this, people may ask? Simple--because you have the best military in the world and economy which can easily afford and supply it, while allowing the country to grow. Qaddafi didn't have that--he was a leader of a small Arab nation with a lot of cash and minimal military and economic power. He wanted alternative to US Dollar--he got killed. You cannot do this to Russia, because those who try--they get killed in the most violent way. And that is the difference. Libya couldn't produce modern tanks, Russia produces 1,200+ of them a year, all state-of-the-art. Evidently this fact finally "arrived" to Rothschild's family and they desperately try to find the place to park their huge fortunes, before they evaporate due to the collapse of modern West's civilization. Macron is merely a caretaker, nothing more. Hence, "please invite me to BRICS summit". It is also a desperate attempt to grab Putin and Xi's sleeves and try to be heard for a minute. Rothschild's family fortunes want to be guarded by S-400 and T-90Ms with SU-57 instead of Patriot PAC3 and Leopard-2s. That's it, there is nothing more to it.

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