Saturday, June 10, 2023

Great Points From Larry.

Indeed, it takes two to tango and Russia really doesn't care about Washington's desires. 

Ukraine’s offensive or counter offensive is running into big problems and my friend, Mr. Stephen Bryen, writes the following:

Is this genuine? Maybe. However, I think it reflects the Ukrainian point of view and fails to take into account the Russian perspective. With the Ukrainian counter offensive entering its 7th day I do not see any viable path for agreement between Ukraine and Russia. Ukraine’s policy, until now, is virulently anti-Russian. Besides prohibiting people from speaking Russian, the Ukrainian policy has focused on eliminating every last vestige of Russian culture and history in Ukraine. Can Ukraine really hit the brakes and throw their policy machine into reverse and suddenly say, ‘Never mind?” I doubt it.

While the Western media persists in perpetuating the fantasy that Russia is suffering setbacks and looking for a way to extricate itself from the war in Ukraine, the facts on the ground show that Russia is inflicting massive casualties on Ukraine — both men and materiel — and that Russia is under no pressure to seek an end to the conflict. Nothing short of unconditional surrender will placate Russia.

As was stated many times now--there will be no "freezing" of the conflict, it is now a will of Russian people, overwhelming majority of them, to finish off 404 and Kiev regime and push NATO back to where it belongs--dust bin of history. Read the whole thing at Larry's blog.

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