Friday, June 16, 2023

Larry On The Nature Of Polishing...

 ... the turds, which exactly what this VSU "offensive" is. 

This becomes even more profound, when Larry identifies this, quoting James Kunstler--"clusterfuck" as:

What we are witnessing is military malpractice on a colossal scale.  

Exactly. And as the facts are piling up we learn from The Man himself, that five Patriot PAC3 have been destroyed by Russia's VKS around Kiev, where they would have been naturally deployed (in Russian). And then Putin added: 

С.-ПЕТЕРБУРГ, 16 июн — РИА Новости. Истребители F-16, поставки которых ожидают от НАТО в Киеве, будут гореть так же, как горят на Украине танки "Леопард", заявил в пятницу президент России Владимир Путин. "Танки (иностранные. — Прим. ред.) горят. Несколько танков уничтожено. И это в том числе "Леопарды". И вчера было то же самое. И вчера были "Леопарды". Они горят. Так же будут гореть и F-16", — сказал Путин на пленарном заседании ПМЭФ.
Translation: St. Petersburg, June 16 - RIA Novosti. F-16 fighter jets, which are expected to be delivered from NATO in Kyiv, will burn in the same way as Leopard tanks are burning in Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Friday. "Tanks (foreign. - Approx. ed.) are on fire. Several tanks are destroyed. And this is including Leopards. And yesterday it was the same. And yesterday there were Leopards. They are on fire. Same will happen to F- 16s," Putin said at the SPIEF plenary session.
Actually, more than this is already burning in 404, and this is reputation of Raytheon--nearly finished by now--and NATO's concept of a Strategic Air-Space operation, because it is good only against defenseless nations. Plus, as I am on record for years now. Just one of such explanation from five years ago:
For starters all communications will be suppressed completely (OK, Ukies did encounter some of it), so will be any sensors in range. Simultaneously sustained fire impact will start into the operational depth (well, around 700 kilometers) to wreak a havoc with Command and Control, logistics, rear personnel etc. Tactically, same will occur with sustained fire impact (Iskander anyone?) and....well, let me put it this way--if that would be Ukrainian Army, by the time advanced tank and motor-rifle formations of Russian Army would start movement, the army such as Ukrainian will cease to exist as a force. 
At this stage we all know that VSU has been destroyed three times over and its C4 completely disrupted with catastrophic consequences. It is difficult to explain to average American general that in real war combat HQs of divisions or, higher level Joint Force will be detected, identified and then annihilated and nothing can stop this annihilation--zilch, nada, zero. They don't teach this in West Point or US war colleges. They don't have a grasp of that.

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