Saturday, June 17, 2023

June 17, SitRep.

Prior to this SitRep is my talking head tired of illiterate military technological BS being spread by Western media, especially those from that little insignificant island country which still pretends that it matters. 

I also explain the meaning of horseradish, while the butcher's bill today is on decline, relatively speaking, since VSU lost today under 1,000 KIAs. 

Little consolation for Washington and London, because people there never saw anything like this in their lives. The butcher's bill for June so far is terrifying.
11, 430 KIAs in VSU as of today (for some reason the data for June 8th is still not available). And here is the catch--scaling up the operation and merely linearly extrapolating casualties data from it doesn't work, the larger the scale of operation the more difference there is in the tactical, operational and strategic dynamics. This is for those who still think about "putting boots" of the US Army on the ground. Read my lips:

1. US Army is not prepared to fight such a war because it will be denied practically every single advantage it usually has over mighty Taliban, Grenada or terrorist groups with AK-47s and RPGs. Plus, US Army cannot fight without USAF dominating skies. There will be no USAF in the skies in case of Washington willing to commit a suicide;

2. The US Army simply is NOT capable to take casualties of the scale of VSU. In "boots on the ground" scenario (God forbids) the number of KIAs will grow exponentially once Russia will begin to fight a war, not conduct SMO--two different things. 

3. Much of VSU personnel, unlike it is the case with US Army, are brainwashed and many are, albeit declining in quantity, fight doggedly and have a very real hatred of Russians, which originates from the place no US serviceman has or understands. 

4. NATO "training" is worthless not just because many from VSU are better fighters and themselves can train NATO armies, US Army included, but because NATO fighting doctrines and manuals do not reflect realities of real war. No US Army operational-strategic formation--division, corps, army et al--knows or trains to fight when the whole of command corps is annihilated in decapitation strike. Russia can deliver such strikes consistently in large combined arms conflict, the NATO cannot due to issues with Air Defense and lack of any serious high speed high precision stand off weapons. This doesn't mean that there can be no leakers or even lucky hits--this is certainly possible, but any NATO battlefield C2 asset will be degraded with a much higher speed than the same can be done against Russia. 

And there you have it--this is reality of modern war. Not some BS turkey shoot in Gulf against defenseless opponent. That's the SitRep for June 17th.  Now Pentagon, allegedly, wants to "guard" reputation of its generals. Good luck with that, the only reputation all of them have is in losing wars. Nobody damages their "reputation" better than they do it themselves. And don't tell me that I didn't warn about it--I did.

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