Thursday, June 15, 2023

To Give Some Insight...

... I and my family we love American West. Those who never experienced Washington, Oregon, Idaho or Montana, or Northern California, please, reserve your opinions. Obviously, I am too old for taking part in whatever the shit happens in the US, and this "shit" will only expand. But, the calls for putting Russians in concentration camps have started and, naturally, they came from Czechs. 

Russians living in the West should be closely monitored by security services, Czech President Petr Pavel has argued. He mentioned the treatment of ethnic Japanese by the US during World War II as an example of wartime security measures. Pavel made his case in an interview with the US government-funded outlet Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty on Thursday. “When there is an ongoing war, the security measures related to Russian nationals should be stricter than in normal times,” he said. “All Russians living in Western countries should be monitored much more than in the past.” The Czech leader drew a comparison to the treatment of Japanese Americans during World War II, which he described as a “strict monitoring regime” and “scrutiny of security services.” “That’s simply the cost of war,” Pavel declared.

So, it is coming, Overtone Window and shit, this is the first step. There will be, eventually, concentration camps because that's the only skill they teach in Western "humanities" programs. Now, here is what many Americans who never lost their humanity and culture are doing:

I said it so many times, Russia is an Arc. I like Joseph and his mixed family. We all are in the uncharted territory. Nothing like this happened in the last hundreds of years. This is what Belousov was talking about--there are so many people who want to live their lives in dignity. Here are Germans, who experience Russia for the first time. 

Russia has a massive program of repatriating Russian Germans back to Russia. They are Russian people of German origin. It is complicated, to put it mildly, but... 

Two million Germans want to move to Russia. Understandable...

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