Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Generally Speaking...

... the music by Ovchinnikov and the whole Natasha's ball from Bondarchuk's immortal War and Peace are unrivaled even today and are even incorporated into a number of versions of Russian national anthem. Of course, who can forget this. 

Generally speaking, all those assholes who try to stick into this immortal sequence by Bondarchuk (not his gift-less son, of course) Leonard Cohen's or even Shostakovitch's Waltz--NO. It will always remain Ovchinnikov's waltz. But I have been on this issue before, but Russians, evidently are not getting the message from State Department and European Commission, continue to stick to this heterosexual heresy and decide that military men of high culture and beautiful women, somehow, get together just fine. 

Some foreign comments are attached just to give some introspective. Of course, Evegnii Doga's waltz adds to a drama, but the best comment in Russian is this:

Это то что мы должны защитить от запада

Translation: this is what we have to protect from the West. 

But if that hasn't been enough, here we have this thing happening in Sevastopol. 

Yes, Big Sevastopol officers' ball. Good God, how dare they not to invite all those trannies, LGBTQ+ and whatever the next big thing is. How "backward" the whole idea is of a military man defending his wife and family in the way of arms is alien to them. They cannot take it in Washington, London and Kiev--everything they know in their lives is ugly, non-presentable, their women (and men) are whores not even capable to graduate to high level escorts, and the only thing they can do is hate, their "scholars" and "strategists" are a dime a dozen and they cannot even grasp what is happening around them. 

This ball took place in 2021, I am positive it will revive itself after the conclusion of SMO, and the life will just move on, it usually does. Normal people naturally gravitate to beautiful things. For the rest--there is always a pinnacle of the American "democracy".  

Yep, there are many who will vote for this again. Let them enjoy...

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