Sunday, June 18, 2023

Major General Bakshi...

 ... talks here about strategy and he makes much more sense than any of the NATO or US generals parading themselves as military amateurs in the capacity of military "experts" for all kinds of "news" outlets. 

The only point I disagree with General is the NATO involvement which will only trigger Russia's additional mobilization and escalation of the SMO into the War. I do agree with our own ARW's observation that Blinken is in China for more than just discussion of US-China relations. As ARW astutely observes:

My guess... : USA can not be seen picking up the phone and calling Russia. So, they are in China trying to get them to negotiate the US position with Russia which is a peace deal that splits Ukraine but with NATO security guarantees for the western portion. Edit…I also think that all the public disclosures of the Korean solution, no NATO, NATO security council, etc. were the Wests attempts to negotiate with Russia but doing it publicly. I also don’t think China would have agreed to mediate unless Russia showed a willingness to talk about it.

I think he absolutely nails it here and the search for off-ramp in Biden Admin has started some time ago. But as I stated the minute Putin showed the draft of the agreement with 404 last year's May, Putin never does anything just because. Meeting of the leaders of African countries is a big deal and a highly publicized event, and those drafts saw the light of day (and media) for a very specific reason. Things may get very-very hot and very-very soon.

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