Thursday, June 22, 2023

When Math Is An Issue...

 ... and a serious one, I would say. Dmytro Kuleba went into the imaginary numbers not of mathematical nature, not understanding that actual imaginary units when squared produce a negative value. Speaking of which:

I agree, Abrams IS a much more complex design and with its nearly 70 tons, the necessity to be fueled every 2 miles and shining in IR  like the Christmas tree decorated in lights--it is a very desirable target for Russian anti-tank crews. Generally speaking the only thing which is left for NATO (US, really) is to supply ATACMS, Abrams and F15, 16 or 35 and see those too go up in flames in industrial quantities. 

Also, judging by the fact that out of 60,000 of a strategic reserve in the last two weeks around 40,000 ended up KIAs, MIAs or wounded, and now even Kiev goes into full mobilization mode, well... you have to admit--there are issues not just with VSU top brass, but, as Ria notes...

По мнению западных экспертов, одна из главных причин катастрофы "контрнаступа" — стремительная деградация высшего военного руководства Украины, которое за время СВО трансформировалось из системы реального боевого управления и планирования фактически в бэк-офис штаб-квартиры НАТО. Наблюдатели отмечают полную безынициативность и тотальную зависимость от приказов из ставки НАТО, в результате чего ВСУ показали неспособность к ведению успешных масштабных наступательных действий с привлечением разнородных сил в условиях активного огневого противодействия ВС России. 

Translation: According to Western experts, one of the main reasons for the catastrophe of the “counterattack” is the rapid degradation of the top military leadership of Ukraine, which during the time of the NMD was transformed from a system of real combat control and planning into, in fact, the back office of NATO headquarters. Observers note complete lack of initiative and total dependence on orders from NATO Headquarters, as a result of which the Armed Forces of Ukraine have shown an inability to conduct successful large-scale offensive operations involving diverse forces in the face of active fire opposition from the Russian Armed Forces.

What do you expect--people who lost all their wars (in reality high intensity police actions) to be good at combined arms (aka multi-domain) operations of scale? In related news, Russian Navy gleefully rubs its hands for a number of very serious reasons, one of them is this:

Admiral Golovko is finishing state trials and will be transferred to fleet shortly. It is the third ship in series of pr. 22350--fully Russian-made in terms of propulsion and it has 3M22 Zircon as its main weapon. Five more are in different stages of readiness at shipyards, after that the series of pr. 22350M starts. So, is Kharkov next? People in the know think so. And always remember i^2 is still -1.

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