Saturday, June 3, 2023

Bernhard Makes Great Points...

... while discussing yet another lament of some US special forces published in one of the military porn outlets. Speaking about problems of VSU those two American "special forces" identified, Bernhard arrives to indisputable conclusion:

Spot on. What also has to be emphasized--only few people in the US are talking openly about purely operational and strategic issues. Those constant tactical narratives are becoming boring because...

Unlike tactics as presented in the public sphere as a mere set of instructions, speaking operationally and strategically requires a very different set of skills. One CAN train a company to attack, defend and maneuver using a set of manuals. Figuring out operational part and how it trickles down to tactical level or how tactical level influences upwards to operational level is a completely different game. Specifically in the US strategic level considerations are missing altogether because there never was any practical fusion of state's political strategy and a military one. American war record is dismal and this cold hard fact cannot be changed. Bernhard gives some very good explanation.

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