Friday, June 23, 2023

Well, Now It Could Be Stated Openly...

 ... that Prigozhin is not only a criminal, but, highly likely, the asset of Ukie-NATO axis. A lot of things point out to that, including "rumors" (in reality, reliable information) of Prigozhin and some Wagner people providing information on positions of Russian Army to VSU. Per Wagner: I am on record--they are good storm group but as a serious force they are nothing without Russian Armed Forces. The media BS about them, as well as grossly exaggerated stories about Bakhmut have been designed primarily for the consumption of fanboys who masturbate on tactical minutiae. Me and my friends discussed it for months in the media e.g. PolitWera et al. So, this is over for Prigozhin and, eventually, for Wagner. As FSB reports:

МОСКВА, 24 июня. /ТАСС/. Заявления и действия основателя ЧВК "Вагнер" Евгения Пригожина фактически являются призывами к началу вооруженного гражданского конфликта, заявили в субботу в центре общественных связей ФСБ России. "Заявления и действия Пригожина фактически являются призывами к началу вооруженного гражданского конфликта на территории РФ и являются ударом в спину российским военнослужащим, воюющим с профашистскими украинскими силами", - сообщили там. В ведомстве также отметили, что распространенные заявления об ударах МО РФ по ЧВК "Вагнер" не соответствуют действительности и являются провокацией. "Вся распространяемая в социальных сетях информация от имени Пригожина о якобы нанесенных Минобороны РФ ракетно-бомбовых ударах по тыловым частям ЧВК "Вагнер" не соответствует действительности и является информационной провокацией", - сказали в центре общественных связей ФСБ.

Translation: MOSCOW, 24 June. /TASS/. The statements and actions of Yevgeny Prigozhin, the founder of Wagner PMC, are in fact calls for the start of an armed civil conflict, the Russian FSB public relations center said on Saturday. “Prigozhin’s statements and actions are in fact calls for the start of an armed civil conflict on the territory of the Russian Federation and are a stab in the back of Russian servicemen fighting pro-fascist Ukrainian forces,” they said. The department also noted that the widespread statements about the strikes of the Russian Defense Ministry on PMC "Wagner" are not true and are a provocation. "All the information disseminated on social networks on behalf of Prigozhin about the missile and bomb attacks allegedly inflicted by the Russian Defense Ministry on the rear units of the Wagner PMC is untrue and is an informational provocation," the FSB public relations center said.

And now, ask yourself a question WHY Prigozhin was promoted and elevated almost to the status of Napoleon both by Russian and Western media? And you will find many answers to many questions. He should hang together with his accomplices, but most likely will get 20 years, if not killed before. He is a cook and not of Steven Seagal's variety from Under Siege.

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