Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Just Wanted To Remind You...

... most normal people live by history, except for NYC "intellectual" elite and Western journos. People distill things into art. E.g. Soviet schoolchildren have this picture literally burned into their minds. 

This is from Soviet history text book--Milos Obilic kills Turkish Sultan. This is Kosovo Polje battle which happened in 1389. Those things are beyond comprehension of most American "scholars" and for them understanding why Russians still sing about this thing, while having even bigger things in Stalingrad and Kursk is beyond their grasp. Yet, here it is...
As I already stated many times, NO US servicemen ever faced his families killed, raped or enslaved due to warfare. This is beyond comprehension of every single US "scholar" who ever lived as is true for every "service person". That is why they will never understand why Russians sing this at Kipelov's XX celebration. 

Same goes to British guys. Truth is, what would they do when their wives and children are subjected to this. Not that they teach this in War Colleges.

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