Tuesday, June 13, 2023

A-Ha-Ha, LOL)))

 And what did happen that precipitated this comedy?  

Who buys this load of BS? Zaluzhny? Really? The guy who by all means now is either dead or completely incapacitated and who can serve as a scapegoat because of it. In the same time it is a peculiar development because--and I stress it--blowing up NS2 is a war crime and somebody did authorize and carried out this terrorist act. Guess from three times who. 

In related news, Vladimir Putin met in Kremlin the so called "voenkors" and totally humiliated them. His exchange with Sladkov was epic and, in fact, Sladkov was effectively accused of spreading Ukie propaganda. I am not going to explain all subtleties of Russian language here, but for anyone who is interested the transcript is available and the summary is here (in Russian). But now, one has to ask the question (wink, wink, wink, wink))) why Macron wants to do this:

French President Emmanuel Macron has asked South African President Cyril Ramaphosa for an invitation to the upcoming BRICS summit in Pretoria, French newspaper L’Opinion reported on Monday. Macron’s recent attempts to win over his African counterparts have fallen flat. He raised the possibility of attending the summit during a phone call with Ramaphosa earlier this month, L’Opinion stated, citing sources in the Elysee palace. According to one “well-informed” source, Ramaphosa was non-committal. “Presence at this summit was mentioned during the conversation between the two leaders, but Pretoria gave no indication of whether or not to extend this meeting to other international leaders,” the source said.

If Macron were to attend the summit, he would be the first leader of a G7 nation to do so. BRICS leaders and Macron apparently share a desire to overhaul the global financial and geopolitical order, with Macron hosting a conference in Paris next week aimed at overhauling the financial system to better benefit the developing world. Ramaphosa is due to attend the conference, and a cordial meeting between him and Macron could set the stage for the French president to make history in Pretoria.

Nice try, of course, but France is the US lapdog and economically insignificant with some exception for aerospace and a few other things and is dwarfed economically by Russia, India, let alone China. France's attempts to maintain presence in Africa are also bound to fail, because France is incapable to provide economic and military assistance Russia and China can. Not even close. Hey, French made their choice and France now will be confined to the Western Europe while it descends into economic depression and chaos. Russia and China can "overhaul the global financial and geopolitical order", France cannot no matter how it tries. Just not enough... scale. Plus Macron still supports criminal regime in Kiev and for all intents and purposes is a party to terrorist activities by Nazis from 404. Russia doesn't talk to Nazis, she annihilates them. Let France guess from three times who is the military pivot in BRICS? I have a hint: it ain't India or China, let alone Brazil and SAR.

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