Tuesday, January 31, 2023

I Warned About It Since 2014.

Colonel Macgregor, with the exception of his statement on Solzhenitsyn, basically confirms what I was preaching for many years.  No, not that Washington is incompetent--this has been a  fait accompli for decades now--but that the US is incapable to take on Russia militarily. 

But even the title by Judge Napolitano is somewhat misleading: U.S. Not Prepared to take on Russia. The US is not just "not prepared", it cannot physically fight Russia without sustaining catastrophic defeat even if it spends next 30 years preparing for that fight. For starters, the US de-industrialization and societal ills permanently removed it from the largely self-proclaimed status of hegemon. The US will remain an important and influential country if it manages to keep itself intact (if), but, as I already stated, culturally the United States is not a continental military power. I deliberately used the all encompassing, history too, term "culturally", because military affairs of the nation are rooted in culture. 

A short, in historic terms, departure of Russia from her position as a conventional military superpower in 1990s and 2000s was not due to America's military power which defeated Russians at the battlefield, it was largely due to self-inflicted wound and corruption of CPSU ruling elite, who fast refashioned itself into "liberal" democrats and formed anti-national oligarchy. This time has long since passed. Now, that the military-industrial might of Russia is being increasingly revealed, I have to go along with Colonel's assessment that Washington is simply preparing an excuse that "we did all we could". There is nothing the United States can send to 404, short of transferring US nuclear deterrent to Kiev regime, that can make any difference in the outcome of SMO. So, listen to Colonel and Judge and enjoy, if you will.

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