Friday, January 27, 2023

OK, Babylon Bee...

... are funny. I mean it.  

U.S. Tanks In Ukraine Already Destroyed After Being Easily Recognized By Their Rainbow Camouflage "These tanks are state of the art, boasting the latest and greatest in firepower, mobility, and of course LGBTQ-affirming camouflage," said Biden's Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.

Like this:

OK, jokes aside. But many people do get anxious about the situation and the anxiety is strategic, not tactical. 80 or 81 promised tanks for 404 will change absolutely nothing but many naturally are worried about real WW III which evolves into the full blown nuclear exchange. Even Irina Alksnis, writing about the West getting caught in its own trap, notes:
На что пойдет Запад, чтобы удержать, продлить привычный статус-кво? Есть подозрение, что на все.Он выбрал инструментом своего спасения военную победу над Россией. Сейчас Запад катится по выбранной колее и все сильнее нервничает, потому что события разворачиваются не так, как он ждал, планировал и хотел. Уже в скором времени ему придется отвечать на вопрос, готов ли он к встрече лицом к лицу на украинском поле боя вермахта, то есть, простите, бундесвера, и других вооруженных сил НАТО с российской армией.
Translation: What will the West do to keep and prolong the usual status quo? There is a suspicion that everything. It chose a military victory over Russia as an instrument of its salvation. Now the West is rolling along the chosen track and is getting more and more nervous, because events are not unfolding the way they expected, planned and wanted. Soon he will have to answer the question of whether he is ready for a face-to-face meeting on the Ukrainian battlefield of the Wehrmacht, that is, excuse me, the Bundeswehr, and other NATO armed forces with the Russian army.
I have the answer, which I spelled out for many months now--NATO doesn't have a required force to go in and fight Russia conventionally without sustaining catastrophic losses and, thus, defeat. The challenges of even assembling such a force are so immense that the only tool the US (the rest of NATO are merely lapdogs) has left at its disposal is nuclear arsenal. But we discussed this before, but even most possessed hawks in the US have a desire to live. Is there serious "underground" in the US among military, intel and other relevant communities who keep an eye on those homicidal maniacs, just in case? I don't know, but at least some people in Pentagon have an idea, unlike ti is the case with civilian "strategists" abusing their sinecures in State Department, think-tankdom and other decision making and "influencer" orgs. 
As the intermediate results of SMO and 404 debacle for the combined West have shown, we can now confidently state that West and its military cannot do serious strategic and operational planning. Evidently, explaining to many graduates of the USMA at West Point a colossal difference in terms of scale, scope and severity between Patton's 3rd Army Lorraine Campaign and, say, tank battles on the Eastern Front is a tall order. But I spoke on the issue of military schools of thought and how they are formed on very many occasions. We also can confidently state that Western intelligence on a strategic level is simply inadequate, to put it mildly. After all, it is manned by people who are products of primarily humanities field of higher education in the West and we all know what an academic disaster and fraud it is today. So, no wonder we are talking about the same level of miscalculation as was done by Napoleon, Hitler and his planners and now, naturally, the same song sang into the ears of uncultured and unsophisticated US "specialists" by Kiev Regime's propagandists, such as this, from Jamestown Foundation.

Colossus With Feet of Clay

So, when looking at all this today and taking it all in, ine begins to suspect that even the brightest of the brightest from the West's "intellectual" class, including very many from the top brass have no clue about the meaning of the big words they use. Evidently, the meaning of strategy, operational art, operational planning, combined arms, echeloning, calculation of required force, political and military objectives et al, are things most in the West simply have no grasp of. It is a terrifying discovery until one gets everything into proper perspective. Recall this again:
Washington Post in a rare, albeit politically sanctioned, feat of actual journalism provided us with an astonishing insight into military, diplomatic, intelligence and economic incompetence of Washington.
The Lessons Learned interviews contradict years of public statements by presidents, generals and diplomats. The interviews make clear that officials issued rosy pronouncements they knew to be false and hid unmistakable evidence the war had become unwinnable. Several of those interviewed described explicit efforts by the U.S. government to deliberately mislead the public and a culture of willful ignorance, where bad news and critiques were unwelcome.  
We are talking about the country stuck in the middle ages and its mujaheddin armed with AK-47s, RPG-7s and IEDs. How these losers in Washington thought they can take on the nuclear, military and economic superpower defies imagination. Washington is afflicted with learning disability, forget plain simple incompetence across the board. Does this sound familiar?
Dozens of U.S. and Afghan officials told interviewers that many of the U.S. policies and initiatives — from training Afghan forces to fighting the thriving opium trade — were destined to fail because they were based on flawed assumptions about a country they didn’t understand. 
Washington doesn't have government and academic mechanisms for understanding. Those, always subpar, have been completely hollowed out in the last 20 years by shysters from Military-Industrial Complex, think-tanks and grievance industry. We see the results today. It is not that Washington operates in the Garbage In, Garbage Out (GIGO) paradigm, while the model is correct. Nope, the model itself is garbage because is built around the only thing Western elites are capable of and that is PR. You know, in layman's lingo--bullshit.

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