Thursday, January 19, 2023

A Hectic Activity

In the West, because the outcome is clear and they do not know what to do. I would say they never knew and here is the proof. 

Russia is a "great nation" which is now actively seeking a new "destiny," French President Emmanuel Macron said on Thursday. The conflict between Moscow and Kiev has become part of this search, the French leader believes, adding that the West would only see a lasting peace if it contributed to this process through a dialogue with Russia. "Russia as a power … is searching for a [new] self and [is] looking for a destiny," Macron told Spain’s daily El Pais in a lengthy interview. "Russia is a … great nation, territorially and historically," he pointed out, also calling Russians a "great people." Macron admitted that Russia’s revival in the 1990s after the collapse of the Soviet Union was a "very difficult" period. Now, Russia is standing in front of another "abyss," with its future "at stake," Macron stated. While accusing Moscow of "imperialist" ambitions and a desire to decide the fate of its neighbors, the French president still maintained that the West should somehow help Russia find its destiny.

How this piece of work is taken seriously by anybody is beyond me. In Russia he is a butt of the jokes, some of them not for the public arena, and that's the difference--majority of Russians laugh at modern Western "elites". Macron already, together with people like Hollande and Merkel, are written in history as pathetic lap-dogs who finished off Europe as a whole, while Macron destroyed what was left of France. It is a panopticon of midgets and their media sycophants, who themselves are human waste. 

Aren't we all yet taken aback by a degree of sheer incompetence of these people? As Alexander Rogers (in Russian) correctly stated (sadly Rogers' beautiful use of Russia's idiomatic treasures is difficult to fully convey in English) in one of his latest: Who the fuck are you to lecture me? He was reacting to a piece in TAC by a dedicated libertarian Reiganite Doug Bandow, who is completely out of his depth when speaking about Russia. He is not exception--he is a rule in the US "intellectual" milieu. My advise to all of them--learn the fucking subject before speaking on it. And Russia is hard to learn, both in language and history. Especially XX century. I can only repeat Margo Simonyan's advice, again:

I’ve been telling you for a long time to find normal advisers on Russia. Sack all those parasites.     

I can only repeat it. The West's Russia Studies field is a field of fraud and academic waste. Most of Russian history, its scale and scope are beyond the grasp of modern crop of America's "diplomats" and security "studies" graduates. There is now also a serious issue of barely contained complex of inferiority, especially a military one, when one considers an ongoing implosion of Pentagon's doctrinal assumptions, not to speak about military technology so advanced that a hectic activity to cover the loss of the arms race due to graft and military incompetence is ongoing as I type this. 

As late Father Robert Tobias wrote:

It is a truism, one cannot navigate a complex four-dimensional reality with a two-dimensional vision, but that is what modern West today is. And it cannot be fixed non-surgically anymore. There is a 50,000 grouping of VSU (and NATO "volunteers") around Seversk. It too will be obliterated and those in Pentagon who still can count and see reality know it. I think Larch is correct that this meeting:

Was about Russia explaining to the US consequences of the US deciding to go nuclear. The United States has no defense. As Larry mentions this periodically, with Russia's development of ABM capabilities which already make US ones like a backwater, the US will find itself increasingly tempted to arrest the widening of the gap and considering serious psychiatric issues with neocon cabal driving what passes in Washington for US foreign policy, we cannot discard a scenario where the US will finally completely corner itself--she is already pretty close--and will be forced to make a suicidal decision. 

I speak about this, and other things, in my today's latest. 

The numbers are simply not there for the West, economically as well as militarily. This is your primer.

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