Tuesday, January 3, 2023

They Do Not Report That...

... in the Western news. And if they do, you will not find it. I couldn't-- my search for this piece of news in Google returned nothing. But get a load of this, granted that the whole EV development at this stage is nothing but a road to economic ruin for the US too, since one cannot cheat physics' laws.

In recent months, the US administration has also taken important steps to accelerate the energy transition with the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). However, this legislation is based on a very different philosophy from the one we have favoured. It does not foresee a carbon pricing and mainly provides for important public subsidies to companies producing goods incorporating green technologies on American soil. This type of action penalises European producers in our trade relations and does not respect WTO rules. We do not want and we cannot embark in a competitive fight based on public subsidies because it would harm the world economy. The EU does not have a fiscal capacity comparable to that of the federal state in the US and adopting analogue policies to the US at member states level could fragment our internal market. We are in active discussion with the US authorities to resolve these differences of approach on this key issue.

Read the whole thing--it reads as the writing of somebody in a state of a feverish delirium. I am sure that Josep Borrell, who comes across as a complete imbecile, should thank his Alma Mater--Technical University of Madrid--which failed him in teaching fundamentals of physics and engineering as related to energy and the fraud of electric vehicles, especially for Europe which is being eaten alive by the US and is energy basket case.    

Growth stocks have been thoroughly hammered this year, with high inflation and rising interest rates pinching growth equities of all stripes. But few stocks exemplify the dramatic shake-up at the top, like leading EV maker Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA). TSLA stock has tanked 69.5% in the year-to-date, wiping off a staggering $877 billion from its market cap. In comparison, the S&P 500 has declined a more modest 19.7% over the timeframe. Tesla has gone from being the fifth most valuable public company and now ranks just thirteenth with a market cap of $385 billion. Tesla’s woes are well documented, including Musk's Twitter takeover and related distractions; worries that high inflation and rising interest rates will dampen consumers' enthusiasm for EVs, as well as investor jitters about growth assets. TSLA shareholders are furious at CEO Elon Musk, The Wall Street Journal reports, for his Twitter antics and tomfoolery, which has led to several downgrades for the stock. Meanwhile, hordes of customers are canceling their Tesla orders, "His personality is absolutely tanking the Tesla brand. I'm looking forward to having an Elon-free existence,’’ a biotech exec with a Model S lease has told CNET. "There is no Tesla CEO today," tweeted Gary Black, a hedge fund manager with ~$50 million worth of TSLA stock told Futurism.

In related news, I saw one Tesla at some drab used cars lot a few days ago, selling for... $71,000. The sucker is born every minute. How can you explain to the graduate of the sociology department what energy industry is and how electricity is produced and distributed, if the guy with aeronautical engineering degree, Borrell that is, writes an utter BS as a declaration of his, that is views of an ignorant cabal from Brussels, views. Not only Borrell sucks as an engineer (so does Klaus Schwab with his Ph.D thesis on Loans for Mechanical Engineering, LOL) with professional integrity, he has none, but as a "diplomat" he is a non-entity. In fact, he is a negative value. 

It is the same as explaining to Star Wars-"educated" geek how difficult it is to design and build a workable spaceship which reliably takes cosmonauts to the orbit and returns them back safely. For consumers of iPhones, Teslas and SpaceX, the issue of life support systems is secondary at best, as long as pseudo-scientific gimmicks keep coming and stocks (and capitalization), whatever the current engineering fraud, grow. And Borrell's (or his staff) incoherent writing is a perfect example of a house of cards which modern West's economy is.   

Recall what I wrote in 2019:

War is the ultimate act of competition brought to its most violent finale.

Borrell made a declaration of Europe's final submission to the herself declining US and that is the logical conclusion of the whole story of the US and West's hegemony. Now, what's left for us is to wait for Russian decision on further actions in 404 and, as Andrei Raevsky points out:

Will there be a Winter Offensive? I am no Oracle, but Saker is correct, one does prepare operations thoroughly. Saker reacted to 63 Russian servicemen killed a couple days ago due to lucky HIMARS attack. As Larry notes:

The reaction to this missile attack highlights the stark contrast between Russia and Ukraine. The spokesman for the Russian MOD freely and frankly admitted to the “success” of the Ukrainian strike while the Ukrainian military — which is losing at least 200 men every day — covers up their losses and insists they are beating the hell out of Russia. The Ukrainians have told so many lies over the course of the last 10 months — e.g. the Ghost of Kiev, capturing a Russian border outpost, shooting down all Russian cruise missiles, driving the Russians out of Kherson, etc. — that this successful missile strike finally gave them something real they could celebrate. But this attack is a lie. It was not carried out by highly trained Ukrainian troops sitting on an ample supply of Himars. This was done with Western supplied intelligence that identified the troop concentration and provided the coordinates for launching a precision strike. Moreover, it is highly likely that NATO troops were helping operate the Himar system. This attack actually is a sign of Ukrainian and Western desperation. It changes nothing in terms of the strategic picture.

And the signs of desperation are everywhere. In my latest video I try to explain what force structure is:

And why NATO doesn't have one required to fight Russia. There is an excellent point in Congressional Budget Office Primer on Force Structure about comparing "apples and oranges". Follow the news on Admiral Gorshkov and her (its) deployment--it carries now 3M22 Zircons and that changes... everything. This is your primer for Tuesday.

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