Thursday, January 26, 2023

The Difference.

This video of the work of BMPT Terminator and Russian tank against VSU armor assets within dense forest is everything you need to know about irrelevance of the US Army experiences in Iraq, let alone Afghanistan to modern continental warfare. 

It also shows, effectively, different doctrinal and procurement universes Russia and the US exist in when it comes to war. Terrain alone speaks volumes about this war and how Russians approach it. No PR "shock and awe" from Pentagon's fantasies, just steady, tedious combat work. That what REAL war is. 

In related news, Germany, naturally was left out to dry and now Vicki "Fuck the EU" Nuland goes on record (in Russian) and states that Abrams tanks will not arrive to 404 in Spring, when they expect 404 to launch "counter-offensive". The whole thing is so ridiculous, including this Spring "counter-offensive", that I can only scratch my head. So, yes, Germany must die, which she will, while the US will try (they think they can) to reap the "benefits" of such situation. But then again, let's not forget Morgenthau Plan for Germany after 1945 for Germans "to tend the beet fields". Germans as a nation are finally ripe for this and this should, pretty much, bury all those myths about  German industrial and engineering prowess, which since long ago is primarily a myth. 

My wonderful publisher Clarity Press even provided a book on:

But Germans shouldn't despair, the US is doing this trick on itself pretty well too, not to mention this teeny-weeny problem of US Dollar dying out. This is combined West's (terminal) illness and no amount of tanks and other weapons will change the outcome which is pretty evident now. Now they lament:

A new documentary, “Nuclear Now,” by Oliver Stone, explores the detrimental effect that environmentalists worldwide had on nuclear power development over the past decades. Stone suggests that actions taken by the environmental movement to derail nuclear power were wrong and contributed to the acceleration of the climate crisis. Stone stated, “We had the solution [nuclear power] … and the environmental movement, to be honest, just derailed it. I think the environmental movement did a lot of good, a lot of good ... [I’m] not knocking it, but in this one major matter, it was wrong. It was wrong.”  He added, “And what they did was so destructive, because by now we would have 10,000 nuclear reactors built around the world and we would have set an example like France set for us, but no one … followed France, or Sweden for that matter.” Oliver Stone is just the latest public figure to slam environmentalists for halting the development of nuclear power, which he believes could have provided clean, safe energy to replace the fossil fuels that continue to pollute the world. 

Oliver Stone is a wonderful director, but he really needs to check his data on the reasons for climate change NOT among US academe. He knows Vladimir Putin personally and he can give him a call and Putin will put Stone in touch with real climatologists, especially specialist in Arctic and who operate Arktika satellite constellation which, let put it this way, surprised many in the West with the data which kinda contradicts their perceptions. Other than that, Stone's premise is valid and, yes, environmentalists sabotaged humanity in many respect. Recall my statement repeated for years--the nation which keeps Grune party as a serious and influential political force has psychological, if not psychiatric, issues. Germany is an Exhibit A of that. They are paying the price, and the price just went up many fold.

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