Sunday, January 1, 2023

Will They Sue For "Peace".

By "they" I, of course, mean a bunch of lowlifes who are "elites". Here is a set of factors to consider as Larry's friend Thomas Lipscomb nicely summarized in his piece for Larry's blog. 

There is no doubt now that Russia will defeat Ukraine and impose its terms. As Putin said a few weeks ago, it was his mistake to think he could trust the West to come to a reasonable agreement and he had no real choice but military defeat of its Ukrainian puppet. His shrewd foreign minister Lavrov pointed out that there was no point in discussions with the current American government. They have no understanding of war and even less of diplomacy.But how will the United States respond to its dawning understanding that the years of US/NATO planning the Ukrainian Proxy War Angela Merkel recently revealed have not led to the collapse of Russian power and the overthrow of Putin, but the destruction and partition of Ukraine and the exposure of the American and NATO military challenge as vastly inferior to its reputation? This was a fear Biden actually exposed in his White House meeting during the Zelensky visit before Christmas. By its total control of media the US/NATO could keep its populations learning of this catastrophe to Western power and pretensions for a considerable time.  But the international effects will take place immediately.

It is a very good piece which pushes all the right buttons in regards to actual economy and military-industrial complex of Russia and why Russia is not in war mobilization mode, because she doesn't have to. Granted, one has to keep in mind that Russia's weapons' factories do work 24/7 in three or even four shifts. As Mr. Lipscomb points out:

The United States may have won the Cold War but it lost the peace. Its strategic thinking and its military is obsolete and configuration of both forces and equipment is based on assumptions from the past millennium. The battle for a Great Global Reset under a unipolar American hegemony has been lost as well. The World Economic Forum is now about as relevant as the Holy Roman Empire. All they can continue to do is terrorize the increasingly authoritarian states of the West with asinine policy proposals.

Difficult to disagree, especially when one considers the fact of what I am writing and talking about for many years: the United States simply has an outdated force structure which is absolutely not designed to fight an opponent such as Russia. I mean conventionally, of course. Now, the sewer of CNN and its "experts" begin to wet-dream about this "European security". As anyone in CNN the author of this piece of dung is an imbecile with no integrity--a requirement for Western "journos"--but even this cretin notes:

Translating from CNNish BSpeak, they begin to get the message even in D.C. Nick Paton Walsh, who "analyzed" SMO in his sophomoric propaganda piece, being a by-product of a degenerate British humanities "education", doesn't understand what real war is, but Lt.Colonel Davies of the US Army has a good grasp of it. Speaking about grossly overrated Patriot Air Defense battery Davies notes, when describing primarily zero impact of Patriot:

These are not minor questions, because as we have seen from two decades of disastrous involvement in our own war in Afghanistan – where we squandered close to $2 trillion – Congress can often get carried away with the emotions of a situation. Many suggest that just perpetuating the war by providing enough weapons and support to Ukraine to prevent it from losing helps U.S. interests by ensuring Russian conventional military power will continue to be degraded. That, however, is a dubious strategy, as it concurrently ensures that the Ukrainian people will continue to die in large numbers. The stakes are too high for mistakes in our support of Ukraine. Before allocating another dollar in 2023, Congress should explain to the American people how this money advances the vital national interests of our country. Otherwise, we need a new plan.

The issue is not just financial, of course, it is operational and... reputational--Patriot is not survivable, even if integrated in larger numbers, on the modern battlefield and nothing could be done about it in the type of SEAD Russia conducts. It all just the issue of numbers and quality (very high) of Russian stand-off weapons which make Pentagon and Raytheon salivate. Especially when one begins to consider operational tempo and even the clown David Axx admits that, well Russian EW is pretty damn good

But in conclusion, the truth of the matter is not just the logistics but America's military-industrial capacity designed only for beating the crap out of the third rate opposition and not designed for long wars which pursue truly global strategic objectives and I am screaming about it for many years now--learn what REAL strategic planning is and how it is done, which, for the United States in case of her desperate desire to play military one-uppance with Russia, when done properly, should have inevitably led Washington to the conclusion that there is no better way to settle disputes than negotiations and diplomacy. But, these were my dashed hopes, but, now traditionally, don't tell me that I didn't warn you about it. Or, quoting Herbert G. Wells' famous:"I told You so, you damned fools." This is your primer for... 2023;))

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