Thursday, January 12, 2023

My, My, My...

 ...Western press-whores are up in arms this morning. They reacted to this (in Russian) news from Ria about UVZ (legendary Ural Vagon Zavod) delivering yet another batch of T-90M Proryv tanks to Russian Army and they immediately  went out on the BS spree with speculating:

Russia’s T-90M Proryv: Will Putin Send His New Tank to Fight in Ukraine?

This click-bait BS was spread by the portal which specializes in a palliative therapy for some America's military exceptionalists and basement military porn masturbators from the Top Gun: Maverick community, who have been shown how adults fight real wars, and now they experience a serious butt-hurt. As most from US media, those people have a serious case of amnesia, because, in accordance to these very same US media, glorious VSU already captured this very T-90M last year:

Don’t Tell Putin: Ukraine Captured Russia’s Elite T-90M Tank

This kinda negates the question of if Putin will send these tanks to 404, doesn't it, because evidently, they are already there. But then again, these are Western "military analysis" resources and they need money too, so, they sell BS, and it sells. But, in the end, why such an attention to this tank. 

Well, T-90M IS a deep modification of a venerable, still good, though, T-90A and it even looks differently, carrying even some elements of a dynamic armor Afghanit which is also used by T-14 Armata. 

Or from the above: 
As you can see--it is a classic Russian tank, low profile, sleek and lighter than any modern Western counterpart. Whilst all kinds of military porn fanboys discuss this tank's newest multipurpose sight and other things of this nature, apart from purely physical improvements, it is the Combat Management System "Kalina" which is most important in it.

Being Combat Management System, "Kalina" unifies all operations of this tank, including latest ballistic computer and target acquisition and firing solution contour (laser-range finder, FLIR, on-board sensors, including detection of the "incoming", etc.), it is this feature which really matters--taken from Russian sources:

  • блок боевой информационно-управляющей системы тактического звена,
  • программно-технический комплекс тактического взаимодействия танкового/мотострелкового батальона

Translation: Block of the Combat Informational Control System of the Tactical Level and Software-Hardware Complex of Tactical Interaction of the Tank/Motor-rifle Battalion. 

A-ha, that's warmer. In other words--T-90M is a fully netcentric warfare tank and each of these tanks in battalion can run this whole battalion's combat tasks, which is 31 tank in tank battalion, or a truck load of APCs in a motor-rifle one. That is why so much attention to this rather routine news (Russian military factories work 24/7/365) from Western punditry, who, by the virtue of spewing BS on this news, betray own case of being sore losers, because, in accordance to their "sources", Russians are backward people who cannibalize washing machines for microchips and do not know what indoor plumbing is--yes, this is what majority of population of 404 thinks, and so do people from all other Western propaganda outhouses. 

In conclusion. Although in Russian, but take a look at what Russia produces today, among very many other things, courtesy of this teeny-weeny corporation called Rosatom. 

Extremely advanced methods in nuclear medicine. I guess many washing machines have been cannibalized, right?

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