Saturday, January 28, 2023

Across The Net.

First, serious. Brian Berletic wrote a very good piece on tanks and crews' training and explains the whole fantasy about NATO tanks at New Eastern Outlook

Considering Brian's Marine background, he provides some excellent insights into the combat training requirements for tank formations' operations and explains the primarily PR nature of the whole (another phase of NATO wunerwaffen) issue. 

Meanwhile, Omsk's massive Military-Industrial sector is short 2,000 people. It is in Russian:

The gist: need for everyone, from lower laborers, to welders, tool and die makers, operators of lathes and mills, CNC Operators, Software Engineers etc. Salaries for Software Engineers--R 170,000, for CNC operators, tool and die makers, machining centers operators--starting from R 100,000, all include hefty benefits package. It is a hint on the massive expansion of weapons production and this is, mind you, when all kinds of trolls will try to make a point--NOT Moscow or region. Speaking of which. 

Russia's favorite Aussies go to Barnaul (the capital of Altai Region, essentially) and show how Russia "suffers" from sanctions. 

And if you ask me, who the toughest people in the United States are today, my answer will be--the boards of directors of Burger King and KFC. Russians love them those chicken nuggets. Just watch the video and enjoy.

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