Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Gorshkov Is On Patrol...

These are next to be loaded with 3M22 Zircons and on to changing naval warfare forever. 

Admiral Kasatonov:

Admiral Golovko:

Marshal Shaposhnikov:

And Gremyaschyii of pr. 20385.
These are immediately available carriers of Zircons, each of such ships capable to sink CBG in a single salvo without entering the range of carrier-borne aviation, and getting targeting from both Liana and other assets, including submarines on patrol, and that spells the end of navies as we knew them. Next "stop" are Zircons on operational-strategic aircraft such as TU-22M3M or even tactical aircraft such as SU-34 (Indians managed to stick Brahmos under the belly of their SU-30MKIs) and, the next year, on the submarines of the pr.885 Yasen-class. As they say, Happy New Year. 

Yes, I am sure that is what Putin meant--Happy New Year.  US submariners' life has just got much more interesting;)) 

In related news, you have got to love the guy--his enthusiasm for developing firing solution is contagious. 

Yes, those great, legendary American battleships of WW II.

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